Our Services

Local Business Support

Wingfield Consultants have the knowledge, experience, and capability to help small to medium-size businesses to unlock their potential with the prevailing customer trend to ‘Love Local’ and ‘Buy Local’.   

  • We are passionate about supporting local businesses in East Anglia to grow.
  • We have worked with a wide variety of local companies in the past including breweries, produce suppliers, and soft drink producers.
  • We love engaging with people who want to showcase their fantastic local brands and products. We have the experience and expertise to get these local businesses a wider profile to maximise their sales and profit.
  • We are members of the Norfolk Chambers of Commerce. See our company on their website.

Category Management

Category Management is the structure and process for identifying growth opportunities in businesses to deliver profitability, efficiencies, and a great customer/consumer experience.

  • We have constructed, with great success, many category plans across sectors and brand/product portfolios.
  • We can engage, plan, build, implement, and evaluate category plans to drive growth and profitability.
  • We can use client models or use the bespoke category plan template developed by Wingfield Consultants.
  • We have 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month plan cycles as options.   

Category Data, Research & Insights

Integral to growing businesses is the use of facts to drive better performance and profit.

  • We have a substantial library of physical and digital assets across many sectors and categories.
  • We continue to grow our database to encompass new and developing trends in industries.
  • We can help businesses understand their own brand and product portfolio performance and make recommendations based on facts.
  • We have set templates to help drive strategic or tactical growth for clients. 


Procurement is the process for obtaining goods and services, through strategic sourcing, to drive profitability and an enhanced supply chain. 

  • We have vast experience in managing procurement using flexible models that work.
  • We can assess current procurement processes and procedures and drive cost-reduction and efficiencies in a client’s portfolio.
  • We have experience all sectors and across all categories in developing new procurement models that work.
  • We can provide a quick assessment with core recommendations or provide a ‘root-and-branch’ model to drive performance and profitability.

Supply Chain

A Supply Chain involves a series of steps involved in getting products and services to the customer. 

  • We help drive supply chain efficiency based on a bespoke model that measures, monitors, and makes improvements in supply.
  • We focus on cost and price together to provide the most effective way to optimize using recently developed toolkits.
  • We consider sustainable approaches to a supply chain project to help the planet, people, and profit.
  • We have experience in leading supply chain teams to enhance efficiencies and deliver growth.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is the long-term plan to help drive identification and preference for brands by the customer. 

  • We can help develop a new brand strategy for a client or help enhance an existing brand strategy.
  • We use a distinct model to evaluate brand performance and then help deliver growth and profitability.
  • We have considerable experience in brand marketing, customer marketing, and promotional campaigns.
  • We launched, for example, the global Deli by Shell brand which included a ‘brand book’ and 5-year strategy.

The 7 Ps of Marketing

The 7 Ps of Marketing are the ‘marketing mix’ to satisfy customer needs and position the offer or service in the mind of the customer.

Optimize your brand and product portfolios. We use a product assessment model to help drive growth and profitability.

 Drive your brand and promotion campaigns. We can help with winning promotional mechanics.

Deliver the right pricing for your customers. We use cost and price modelling to evaluate the best pricing. 

Ensure coverage across your sectors and deliver growth opportunities for existing and new sectors. We have data models to help.  

Maximise the potential of teams and individuals to deliver a motivated, well-trained, and successful culture. We have training courses to help.

Focus on the customer and work back. Wingfield Consultants work back from the customer to help drive penetration, average weight of purchase, and frequency of purchase. 

Enhance the visibility of your brands and product portfolios. We can help with, for example, packaging and contact strategies.

Each of the above can be a project to support clients or can come as a total package linked, for example, with a category plan.

Lifestyle Choices & Trends 

Wingfield Consultants use Lifestyle Choices & Trends to enhance brands, products, and services with new and emerging opportunities. 

We have considerable experience and expertise in sustainability. We can help with recommendations to improve the sustainability of your brands and products. This is critical as customers and consumers are increasingly concerned about climate change.   


The provenance of products is very important to customer and consumers. We can help improve your current brand positioning and provide support in developing both products and communications to enhance your reputation (e.g., a reduction in ‘food miles’). 

A key ‘megatrend’ for the last decade and an area of fierce debate and rapid growth. We can help you, if appropriate, drive your health positioning and expand your portfolio with exciting and innovative NPD.

The huge rise in customer and consumer awareness in VVF provides clients with a huge opportunity. We can help evaluate and deliver the opportunity in this space.

The rise of consumption of gluten-free and dairy-free products in the UK over the last decade has been staggering. We can help evaluate and deliver the opportunity in this growing market.

A key trend in the last 5 years has been customers consciously reducing their overall ‘basket size’ to focus on premium products. We can help by optimizing your sales mix and driving incremental profitability.  

COVID-19 has caused major disruptions in the supply chain and, with the effects of BREXIT and the war in the Ukraine, have seen significant pressures on both cost and availability. We can help with finding solutions to these crises with the experience we have in managing them in the last few years.    


Wingfield Consultants believe that all companies can benefit from the power of knowledge, the acquisition of skills, and the application to the benefit of people and profit.

  • We have bespoke courses for the specialisms outlined in the ‘What We Do’ section.
  • We can provide on-site or virtual training courses that can last a day, 3 days, or a week.


Wingfield Consultants are committed to supporting local people to unlock their potential. 

  • For local businesses we can provide a mentoring service for individuals to support their career development.
  • For the individuals we mentor we will provide a service for a year to start or ‘kick-start’ their careers.


Public Speaking

We have great experience in addressing many different audiences across a number of topics (see below) across the globe. Our Founder, Simon Wingfield, has addressed many conferences, forums, and workshops over the years with his vibrant, engaging, and impactful style.

  • Wingfield Consultants can present at a variety of speaking engagements. We love presenting and enthusing people with our style, content, and proven ways to succeed!
  • Topics that have been presented previously include Local Business Support, Lifestyle Choices & Trends, Category Management, and Brand Strategy.
  • We are particularly passionate about ensuring clients and companies get closer to their customers to drive growth and profitability.