‘What’s Mars Got To Do With Mars Bars?!’

Simon Wingfield, Founder of Wingfield attended the ‘Space-Tech Meets Agri-Tech’ event (held in partnership with New Anglia LEP) at Easton College last year.

‘It was fascinating to explore ‘‘the final frontier’’ for agriculture’ at the event says Simon. ‘The amount of space technology being applied to farming was staggering. From GPS steering, earth observation insights into soil and crop performance, and geo-fencing – the list of space technology applications for agriculture (and horticulture) was seemingly endless!’.

This got us thinking at the consultancy. Given the link between Space-Tech to Agri-Tech to Food/Drink Tech…what about the ‘final frontier’ that we work with – the producers, manufacturers, suppliers, brand owners, and retailers in our region?

Wingfield Consultants work with many local food and drink SMEs in Norfolk and Suffolk. These businesses focus on local ingredients and products. They produce and sell with quality and taste the ‘hallmarks’ of their brands, ranges, and products.

Customers and consumers, post-COVID-19, have increasingly engaged more with their local communities, companies, and consumable goods.

So, what has local got to do with space?

Here are two thoughts and tips from us on how businesses can engage with (and sell to) local food and drink companies:

– Thought/Tip 1: We have a proprietary business model we use with our clients: Determine – Define – Differentiate – Drive – Deliver (lots of Ds!). Space is exciting right? Look for technology, products, or services that you can use for your brand, range, or products to stand out from your (bigger) competitors (like Mars!). You can ‘Differentiate’. What a great story – local products that are worlds apart from the competition.

– Thought/Tip 2: ‘People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe’ (Simon Sinek, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action’). If you believe in what you, then can really resonate with your potential local food and drink customers. Find some ‘space’ in your diaries to explore!

Wingfield Consultants have recently joined the Space East Cluster.

Simon Wingfield, Founder of Wingfield Consultants, said: ‘We are delighted to have joined the cluster. As a local management consultancy, we are passionate about supporting local sectors, organisations, and businesses to succeed. The cluster has a broad range of members with great talents and innovative ideas in the space (and associated) sectors. We hope to meet and work with many of the cluster members over the coming years’.